now / recent

Kulturhuset Husnes 12th of March 2023 // video for live concert Røter II (Roots II), together with Knut Vaage, Frode Grytten and Bergen Big Band!

Festspillene 29th of May 2022 // video for live concert Røter (Roots), together with Knut Vaage, Frode Grytten and Bergen Big Band!

26th of March 2022 // solo show, Measuring Our Time, at Oseana, Os.

Video visualisation for Bergen Public Library with 19 authors poetry projected on the facade.

Group exhibition SEID at KNIPSU, Bergen. Oct 9th – Dec 12th, 2021.

Artist at Coast Contemporary 2021 Time as a Social Institution in Trondheim.

Group exhibition at Babel, Trondheim, sept 2021, curated by Coast Contemporary.

Solo show at Hå gamle prestegård 16th of April- May 23rd, 2021 ‘Doing Time / Å gjøre tid’

De Composition with Ruth Bakke, Borealis festival 2021 (March)

Conversation about De Composition during Borealis at NRK P2 (Norwegian radio)

Podcast by Borealis

BKFHSalong, Group show at HKS, showing ‘Caretakers’, video (2017)

Solo show at HI10 in Skien 2021. Poetry of Loss. 

Text ‘To Video’ on video art for the archive of BEK, Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts 

November 2020 – Lecture ‘On Oilers’ at Experiences of Oil conference together with Dr. Massimiliano Mollona.

November 2020 – La ditt liv vitne (Let your life witness) exhibited at Stavanger Art Museum  (Works in their collection).

Participating in the panel /On art in Bergen/oct 2020/ Recorded here: Kritikersamtaler. Host: Visp

Finalising ‘Eye, Hand, Mind’ a 7,5 hour long video art commission for  Hjørnesteinen/Vestland County-Cultural house and high school.

Working with De Composition with Ruth Bakke for  Borealis festival 2021. 

Working towards solo exhibition at Hå gamle prestegård 2021

Digital exhibition at BEK/

Exhibition at Galleri Langegården, Bergen. With Trudi Jaeger.  January-February 2020.