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n o w / r e c e n t

Upcoming:  Solo show at HI10 in Skien 2021. Poetry of Loss. 
Text ‘To Video’ on video art for the archive of BEK, Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts 
November 2020 – Lecture ‘On Oilers’ at Experiences of Oil conference together with Dr. Massimiliano Mollona.
November 2020 – La ditt liv vitne (Let your life witness) exhibited at Stavanger Art Museum  (Works in their collection).
Opening! December 2020/Jan 2021 -participating in the group exhibition SEID at KNIPSU, Bergen.
Participating in the panel /On art in Bergen/oct 2020/ Recorded here: Kritikersamtaler. Host: Visp
Finalising ‘Eye, Hand, Mind’ a 7,5 hour long video art commission for  Hjørnesteinen/Vestland County-Cultural house and high school.
Working with De Composition with Ruth Bakke for  Borealis festival 2021. 
Working towards solo exhibition at Hå gamle prestegård 2021
Digital exhibition at BEK/
Just ended the exhibition at Galleri Langegården, Bergen. With Trudi Jaeger.  January-February 2020.
Works on paper accessible at CM7 December 2019. Art+Folk
Working on a new commissioned film for permanent installation at Culture house and school in Åsane, Hjørnesteinen. Initiated by Hordaland county. Opens 2020.
Organising The Survival Kit in the Age of Technology/LAB at BEK/Making Video Book
Exhibition at Lydgalleriet in Bergen. Freaky Avant Garde. April 2019.
Showing my film ‘Øst 516016 Nord 6583303’ in Kiel, Germany, at Kunstverein Haus 8 in November 2018.
Presenting and showing the film Oilers (2016) at Coast Contemporary, October 2018. 
Showing my film ‘Øst 516016 Nord 6583303’ at Feriekoloni at USF-Verftet in Bergen. August 2018.
Showing my film ‘Perceptual Cycle’ in Stokke, Vestfold, September 2018.
Showing ‘Oilers’ with mao Mollona at Østlandsutstillingen 2018, opening May 5th at Vestfossen.
My film ‘La ditt liv vitne’ screened at Stavanger Art Museum. (April 2018-December 2018) in the exhibition ‘Langsom vals’
Showing a new film project for TKS, Telemark Art Center. Group exhibition, Forbannelsen, The Curse.. From April 13th until June 3rd 2018.
Showing ‘Doing Time/ Å gjøre tid’ in Reggio Emilia, Italy, the 21st og April 2018. At Flag No Flags – Contemporary Art.
Still from the film ‘Doing Time’ (2015):
Images from my artworks at ‘Alt lys på Solund’, light art festival in November 2013:
illu solund
Image from Specular Reflection, painting a little island in Kagerø with reflective paint, summer 2013. The scale of the Island is approx 60m2. The work is made for the exhibition, ‘In The Shadow of Munch’.
Spekulær refleksjon13