Performing De Composition (live-video) with Ruth Bakke (music composition and playing the organ), at Borealis festival 2021. Photo: Thor Brødreskift/Borealis

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‘Warp and Weft’, performance with Idunn Aune Forland at Borealis Contemporary Music Festival 2014, photo/ThorirVidar:

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IMG_8771 RETAbove: Performance ‘Sparc’, at Light festival in Solund November 2013. Collaboration with three workers at Solund Verft/ Solund Yard.
Rad #4 Kom la oss drepe tyngdens ånd / Mesterlektien, Latinskolen i Bergen juni 2012 (below):

Reading Kafka, ‘Before the law’, parabel from The Trial (Der Prozess), in court, Rad #3, NULLDOKUMENTET  nov 2011 :

AnneMartheReading'Foran loven'by Kafka in the courtroom

Reading Ragnvald Vaage at Ragnvald Vaages place for thought

at Rad#2, Kvinnherad june 2011. Together with Espen Sommer Eide on Slåttberg.

(Photo: Monika Sandnesmo)

‹‹Grundplan for kunstens naturlige system. Som sopp››

Performance på Universitetet i Bergen i forbindelse med Kunsthistories fagkritiske dag.

(Foto: Espen Sommer Eide)

“Tale ved den 89.Vestlandsutstilling”

Tale som performance på Kabuso i Øystese 14.01.2011. Åpningen av Vestlandsutstillingen 2011.

DIY Survival Suit made out of Financial Times

The Woodmill, London. Performance by Anne Marthe Dyvi, November 2010.

(Foto: Anngjerd Rustand)

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