A small video work made at home in unstable times, during the spring of 2020. (Norwegian subtitles, silent, duration: 5 minutes.)
Performance during Festspillene 2022 with Bergen Big Band, Frode Grytten and composer of the work ‘ Roots’. I delivered 14 videos on cue pre made for the concert. Photos: Johanne Karlsrud/ Festspillene.

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Thoughts on video art written for Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts:
Skjermbilde 2022-05-16 kl. 10.38.39
Video projection on the facade of Bergen Public Library. ‘Lyrikk på fasaden’ (2021/2022).
lyrikk på fasaden 2021_2022
lyrikk på fasaden2 2021_2022
Let your life witness, in the collection of Stavanger Art Museum. Shown 2020-2021:
(Photo: Helga Nyman)
Still from the exhibition ‘Freaky Avant Garde’ at Lydgalleriet April 2019. Showing ‘Let your life witness’:
(Photos above: AM Dyvi. Photo below: Paal Rasmussen/Lydgalleriet)
Lydgalleriet - 16
From one night exhibition at BEK, showing the video: Triptyk / Trefold. Landskap. 2020 :
Still from video Time is the color white, exhibited at Galleri Langegården, January and February 2020.

Still from ‘Øst 516016 Nord 6583303′, film made in 2018 captured with a drone camera. Shown at Telemark kunstsenter (TKS) 13th of April – 3rd of June, 2018:
still 1 AMDyvi telemark 2017
Still from ‘Øst 516016 Nord 6583303′:
still 2 anne m telemark 2017
Still from ‘Perceptual Cycle’, at  Bergen Art Museum, KODE. Shown in the exhibition “Maksimal informasjon per tidsenhet!” from 13th of May – 28th of August 2016. The work was included in their collection in 2016:
Perseptuell syklus
(Contact me and I can give you access to my password protected films on Vimeo)
Perceptual Cycle shown September 2018 at Bouvet / Stokke in Vestfold (Photo: Tone Elise Brenna/Kite)
Still from ‘La ditt liv vitne’, shown at Stavanger Art Museum, 2017. Video/ sound by Anne Marthe Dyvi as a homage to Lars Hertevigs (1830-1902) paintings and traces in time. The work was included in their collection in 2017.

la-ditt-liv-vitne-imageStill from ‘La ditt liv vitne’, shown at Stavanger Art Museum, 2017. la-ditt-liv-vitne-image2

 Still from ‘Oilers’ directed together with Massimiliano Mollona in our project ‘End of Oil’. For freethought and Bergen Assembly 2016. Opens 1st of September 2016, until last of October:
Still from ‘ Essay on Colour’, 2017: (Shown at Haukeland Old Childrens Hospital, 2017)
Essay on Color still Dyvi 2017
Still from ‘Moment of Instability’. Shown in Italy and Oslo (2014) and in Copenhagen(2016):
clip from Moment of Instability
‘I’,  shown at Galleri s12, in Bergen in the exhibition, The Ritual of Walking in a Circle, 02.11-12.02 2012 and Høstutstillingen 2013, at Møllebyen Litteraturfestival 2012 and at Nordic House on Iceland.:
still from 'I'
Å gjøre tid /Doing Time. From the exhibition LOKALT2015 in Bergen, September-October. In the Old prison in Bergen:
Å gjøre tid /Doing Time. From the exhibition LOKALT2015 in Bergen, September-October:
Perceptual Evidence, 4.53 min, (2012) Video with sound, shown at BOA, Oslo spring 2013:
 “Enculturation” shown at Visningsrommet USF 2010:

“Enculturation” . Filmstill fra 2010